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The Projected Landscape MFA Thesis Exhibition

Laura Sellers,

The Projected Landscape

Projected video on a modular wooden cube structure, 2015

This piece was exhibited at Western Carolina University's Fine Art Museum in October of 2015.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, representations of the landscape have adapted to reflect changing western ideas of the separation between human culture and the natural world. The photographs, projection and paintings in the Projected Landscape exhibition continue to reflect this change in the present through a focus on the new technologies of image making as they relate to representations of place.  The work uses traditional studio methods as well as newly emerged technologies. The results are composite forms of painting, photo and video which utilize optical illusions, fractured compositions and reframed locations to continue the trajectory of landscape painting into the digital era, as well as create a space for personal contemplation.

13 Inverted Waterfall Cubed Laura Sellers Projection Mapped Installation 84”x 63”x42” 2015
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