Laura Sellers Atmospheric 36x48 Acrylic


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           My name is Laura Sellers, and I earned my Bachelors of Art and Design from North Carolina State University’s College of Design, and my Masters of Fine Arts from  Western Carolina University.  Currently, I am located in Asheville, North Carolina and I am teaching  two-dimensional design foundations, introductory painting and drawing courses at Warren Wilson College.  I married my husband, Eric Harrison, in 2016, and he is a professional lighting and sound engineer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Our collaborative work includes projection mapping on sculptural forms with video which is essentially “painting with light.”

Laura Sellers Harrison’s Artist Statement for the Faculty Exhibition at Western Carolina University featuring the painting Atmospheric:

Atmospheric was made earlier this year from March to April of 2020, right around when the pandemic began.  It is an acrylic piece that uses water as its method to make the paint move.  My process includes taping off sections of the painting, adding a clear layer of acrylic gel medium, and then adding a flat later of acrylic paint.  Water is the medium in acrylic paint that is used to decrease the viscosity and make the paint fluid.  Part of my process is letting each band of color dry, and letting the water evaporate. Then I remove the tape and can move on to the next section.  Much of the battle of creating a minimalist style painting is controlling this fluidity. This piece was made during an anxiety ridden time for me.  I lost a beloved family pet when I started the piece, and about half-way through I ended up contracting a severe case of poison ivy on my face, body and hands.  I kept working on the piece as a way to manage the pain, and I feel like the warmer bands at the bottom of the painting reflect the burning.  The piece’s name Atmospheric reflects a similar burning in the atmosphere.  As climate change becomes more apparent, the earths’ surface is becoming much warmer. 


Western Carolina University Faculty Biennial Exhibition in Cullowhee, NC, January 2021

OBX ART TRUCK Collaborative Bed Gallery Exhibition in the Outer-banks, NC, May 2019

Black Mountain College's re{Happening} #9 in Black Mountain, NC, March 2019

Western Carolina University Faculty Biennial Exhibition in Cullowhee, NC, January 2019

Taylor Gallery Collaborative Exhibition in Asheville, NC, November 2018

Also Gallery Online Solo Exhibition, November 2018

Cancer Mural Consortium, collaborative mural at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC,  August, 2018

“Raw” All-female Collaborative Exhibition at the Satellite Gallery in Asheville, NC May, 2018

“Blow Ins II” Collaborative WCU Exhibition at 126 Gallery in Galway, Ireland, January, 2018

Paint Memphis 170-Artist Collaborative Mural in Memphis, TN, September, 2017

Harvest Records Solo Exhibition in West Asheville, NC, July, 2017

“Debut” Collaborative Exhibition at Push Gallery, downtown Asheville, NC, July, 2017

Cleveland County Arts Council WCU Graduate Student Collaborative Exhibition Shelby, NC July, 2017

Jackson County Arts Council Photography Solo Exhibition at the Sylva County Courthouse in Sylva, NC, January, 2017

International Collaborative “#AVLGLITCH” Exhibition at the Orange Space in the River Arts District Asheville, NC, July, 2016

Exhibition at the Collider in connection with the National Center for Environmental Education (NCEE) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Asheville, NC in 2016 - Present

“Draw, We Draw, Draw What?” WCU MFA Collaborative Exhibition at the Bascom Museum in Highlands, NC in January, 2016

“The Projected Landscape” Thesis Exhibition at WCU Fine Art Museum in Cullowhee, NC, October, 2015

“Whee Fresh” Collaborative Exhibition with the Asheville Area Arts Council in the Grove Arcade  in Asheville, NC, 2015

Collaborative Exhibition in the Asheville Regional Airport in Arden, NC, March 2014

WCU MFA Collaborative Exhibition at the Bascom Museum in Highlands, NC, January 2014

“WCU MFA BFA” Collaborative Graduate Student Exhibition at the Tannery Studios in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC, May, 2014

Collaborative WCU MFA Exhibition at the Fatty Gallery in Sylva, NC, May, 2014

Solo Exhibition at the Colburn Earth Science Museum in Asheville, NC, 2012