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Laura Sellers Atmospheric 36x48 Acrylic
Laura Sellers Atmospheric 36x48 Acrylic


Laura Sellers


acrylic on a wood panel

36"x48", 2020

For Sale: $1000

For interest or to purchase,


Venmo: @Laura-Sellers-3


This piece was exhibited at Western Carolina University's Faculty Biennial Exhibition in 2021.

Atmospheric was made earlier this year from March to April of 2020, right around when the pandemic began.  It is an acrylic piece that uses water as its method to make the paint move.  My process includes taping off sections of the painting, adding a clear layer of acrylic gel medium, and then adding a flat later of acrylic paint.  Water is the medium in acrylic paint that is used to decrease the viscosity and make the paint fluid.  Part of my process is letting each band of color dry, and letting the water evaporate. Then I remove the tape and can move on to the next section.  Much of the battle of creating a minimalist style painting is controlling this fluidity. This piece was made during an anxiety ridden time for me.  I lost a beloved family pet when I started the piece, and about half-way through I ended up contracting a severe case of poison ivy on my face, body and hands.  I kept working on the piece as a way to manage the pain, and I feel like the warmer bands at the bottom of the painting reflect the burning.  The piece’s name Atmospheric reflects a similar burning in the atmosphere.  As climate change becomes more apparent, the earths’ surface is becoming much warmer. 

Press in the Laurel of Asheville:

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