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  • Laura Sellers Harrison

Nocturne Exhibition at Momentum Gallery

Momentum Gallery revisits the theme of Nocturne. New works by Topher Straus, Stephen Paul Day, Christina Bothwell, and more merge to make a collection of enchanting works in various media. Paintings, cyanotypes, sculptures, and original prints celebrate the drama and mystery of night. While the world is shrouded in shadow, the moon and artificial lights define shapes emerging from darkness. Imagination picks up where detail leaves off, imbuing this time with magic and intrigue – the potential of the unknown and unseen. The artists included in the exhibition are: Samantha Bates, Raymond Bonilla, Stephen Paul Day, Amy Gross, Danna Ray, Laura Sellers, Topher Strauss, Christina Bothwell, Andy Farkas, Sibylle Peretti, Casey Roberts, Jerilyn Virden, and John Paul Vincent. Please visit Momentum Gallery's Nocturne Exhibition Page for more information.

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